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Your business should be wildly profitable. We can show you how to make that happen. We have two consulting paths – Train Your People and Marketing Your Company.

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Boom Tap tailors our approach to your specific needs, budget, and goals. There is no “one size fits all”



You will work with one of our qualified Consultants and go through a 90-day Growth Accelerator to develop a marketing strategy, as well as a plan to execute against that strategy, broken out into three workshops:

BUILD: We will get a holistic view of your current marketing processes within our proven frameworks and begin building your plan for optimization.

OPTIMIZE: Using our tailor-made tools, we will optimize more of your leads and turning them into sales!

ACCELERATE: Now that the bottlenecks are uncovered, we push forward with a suite of tools and tactics customized to your company.


We help businesses TAP into greater profits by helping them turn their underperforming, disengaged employees into passionate, well-rounded marketing and sales experts.

Boom Tap will work with you to audit your sales and marketing team’s strengths and weaknesses. You will know that they have completed their assignments because you will have access to a training and management dashboard.

Your team of good marketers and sales professionals will work with our trainers to help them become AMAZING. Plus, there will be quizzes and exams to assess retention and understanding. After our training work is completed, you’ll witness a transformation in your team.


We complete a marketing audit with you to uncover any deficiencies and half-built bridges in your Customer Value Journey. Then we will make recommend a plan to help you close those gaps.

01 Do It Yourself

We’ll give you a great head-start, and you execute the plan yourself

02 Do It With You

We train you to execute the plan. We'll show you how to earn mind-share that equals market-share

03 Do It For You

You hire our firm to execute the plan. We're your one-stop marketing agency


Training is critical to get right, yet most companies fail in this area.

01 Do It Yourself

We have tested and proven module-based training program that you will complete. You will then be certified allowing you to share your knowledge with your team. 

02 Do It With You

We have tested and proven module-based training that we will assign to your team. This approach includes consulting and coaching time as we check-in periodically with your team. 

03 Do It For You

We'll assign our tested and proven module-based training to your team, track their progression, and watch them flourish. Our trainers will consult and coach your team to ensure they succeed.

We can help you focus on what you do best and bring our bench of talent when you need it.

CEOs and Owners

Love us because of our focus on increasing profits and driving Sales.

Marketing Managers

Love us because we help train and engage your team to achieve your marketing initiatives.

Nimble Businesses

Love us because we help you focus on what you do best and bring our bench of talent.

We Believe In Making Your Business Profitable

Boom Tap Business Consulting is in constant motion innovating and tapping into what’s trending in the world of business.  We are on a mission to double the sales of your businesses by the end of 2023.

Chief Innovation Officer | Partner

Theresa Timm

Chief Innovation Officer | Partner

Theresa is our spirited and energetic fearless leader.  You will love her passion and her creativity and her take no S%#! attitude.  She will hold your hand and drag you to success if she has to.

Chief Profit Strategist | Partner

Joe Daguanno

Chief Profit Strategist | Partner

Joe has the gift of a connection mindset.  You'll love his ability to sit at your side of the table for any problem that you need to solve.  He will bend over backward to help you achieve your goals.

Chief Strategist & Project Manager

Jon Culligan

Chief Strategist & Project Manager

Jon’s our task master. He keeps process and people moving forward. You’ll love his ability to get stuff done when a tight-deadline is placed on his to-do list.

Chief Online Expert

Andy Bontz

Chief Online Expert

Andy brings his years of digital marketing experience and will help you look past all the shiny marketing objects.  You'll love his strategy first mindset and his focus on hitting the KPI's for your business.

Let Us Help Grow Your Business

Please reach out if you have any questions regarding our training or marketing services.

We help businesses Tap into greater profits by helping them turn their good employees into well-rounded marketing and sales experts.

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